👩‍🍳 Blue Apron Review: Unboxing, Recipes & Meals (Taste Test)

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Check out our Blue Apron review to see inside the inner workings of one of the most popular and well-known meal kits. It's no wonder it's so popular, because Blue Apron is one of the most delicious experiences we've had with meal kits, and their recipes are creative, interesting, and fun. They provide wholesome ingredients, unique add-on options, and an overall positive experience that will leave you looking forward to more time in the kitchen.



0:00 Intro
0:21 Unboxing Blue Apron
1:04 About Blue Apron
2:09 Cooking Stuff Delicata Squash
3:46 Tasting Stuff Delicata Squash
5:21 Conclusion


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Hello Everyone!
Thanks for watching our Blue Apron Review.
This meal kit really took us by surprise with its quality & good tasting meals.
Let us know in the comments if you plan on giving Blue Apron a try.
Lethal jack
looks delicious, i going to try blue apron for myself
Dan Lund
Great review on Blue Apron. The recipes come together quickly and the instructions are easy to follow, even for beginners. Their meals were definitely fast and easy to cook, and you can choose which day of the week your box will arrive. Cheers!
Their recipes are always tasty and easy to prepare, also they have excellent mobile app.
Pera P
This is so great.. well done girl, such a great job you did ;)
Ahmed Zilinski
Love Blue Apron meals , i just ordered some ...the review is great as well!
Daisy Monsalve
Excellent, I have a niece who is super problematic with food, however my sister placed an order and it worked very well, it really is worth it, it is a very complete product 👍
Mark Ongele
Yummy this is so good and healthy food to eat.
Michelle Fonger
Blue Apron is one of our official favorite meal kits now!! WOW every single meal has been a stunner, with every single component hitting its mark. I'd HIGHLY recommend anyone who really likes eating good food to try this one out.
Prabagaran Ravi
I find it easy, and most recipes are good as leftovers. This very tasty recipe to prepare. My child like to have this recipe. Thanks.
Marlonsito Prunita
I live in San Diego CA, and I just placed my order and it arrived well packaged, excellent, my family also loved the product, they are very happy, plus they are nutritious foods, totally recommended, you have earned a subscriber. <3
Peter Lucic
During day to day busy life meal kit service like Blue Apron sure gonna come handy for people like me, Sure gonna give it a try.
Sathish kumar p
The meals were definitely fast and easy to cook. For home-cooked meals that are healthy, Blue Apron is a good choice. Their quality and taste are to the next level. Thanks for your video
Anuj Pandey
Blue Apron is a good choice for home-cooked meals that are healthy and easy to cook with the help of recipe cards. I will give it a try.
tran vu
These blue apron meals are awesome. Looks delicious and attractive. I have ordered and am looking forward to enjoying it
william M
This promises to deliver quality,my kid can't keep calm till he tastes this after seeing the unboxing and tasting,most definitely worth checking out!
a. s.
I can't believe, but these blue apron meals look surprisingly good.😍😍😍
justine akama
I placed my order after watching this review. The blue apron meals look tasty and will fit in my schedule perfectly.
mike mcdolds
My wife really loved it.
Nikos Marov
These blue apron meals look amazing. Thanks for sharing
Clara Brandon
Wow, they are looking amazing. These Blue Apron meals look so delicious and easy to cook. I think I will place an order as soon as possible. Thanks!
stefan mando
I love the fact that you are so honest and passionate when doing reviews. Blue Apron is one of the best out there i just used your link to get discount and for that i thank you.
Meena Patel
hey what are the drawbacks of this blue apron ? and how to you counter it for making best healthy meals ?
Bryan Ahaya
Wow thanks for the review really tasty looking recepies
parridit nadia
Excellent! These blue apron meals are surprisingly good. We just placed an order, hope my kids enjoy it! If they like it, we'll probably keep our subscription.Thanks for your service