🥕 Purple Carrot Review 2020: Unboxing & Meals (Taste Test)

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Check out our Purple Carrot review to see firsthand how simple it can be to put healthy, delicious plant-based meals on the table that you'll rave about (and trust us, you'll never even miss the meat). Purple Carrot offers dinners as well as lunch, breakfast, and snack options for your entire family. Their fully vegan approach pairs with unrivaled creativity and sustainable (often organic) ingredients aim to give you a truly satisfying, yet simple mealtime experience.

The Purple Carrot menu is something that really stands out among the wide array of meal kit service options out there. They offer breakfast, lunch, and snack options in addition to their dinners, so you can cover other meal periods with the same service and really ease your burden in the kitchen. Purple Carrot meals run the gamut in terms of their flavor profile, so whether you’re looking for more traditional food such as a vegetable stew, or you want a fun, unique dinner such as hearts of palm tacos, they’ve usually got something to choose from that’s right up your alley. They also provide a good balance of menu options that repeat (so you can pick your favorites again) and new ones to try.

The best part? You don’t need to be a vegan to enjoy these Purple Carrot recipes. We’re not vegan by any means, but these meals were highly satisfying, delicious, and left nothing to be desired. In fact, this service can make it easy to squeeze more healthy options into your weekly meal planning no matter what types of foods you typically eat. They do have options such as high protein and gluten-free so you can hone in on your dietary accommodations should you wish to do so as well. The balance between meals with meat substitutes and those without is good as well, so whether or not you’re into that kind of thing, you'll have options to choose from.

What's in Our Purple Carrot Box:

- Creamy Tomato Bisque (dinner)
- Chickpea Courgette Stew (dinner)
- Curried Cauliflower Tartine (lunch)

What We Tasted in Our Review:

- Creamy Tomato Bisque

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Hello Everyone!
Thanks for watching our Purple Carrot Review.
This plant-based meal kit really took us by surprise with the flavor and quality of the ingredients.
Let us know in the comments if you plan on giving Purple Carrot a try.
Michelle Fonger
We're really not vegans but were SO impressed by this service and will probably continue to order. WOW, everything was seriously good!
Marlonsito Prunita
We just ordered this purple carrot meal is my 2 kids' favorite, they love it, we don't miss a single video of your culinary beauties, and that veggie is our favorite, we'll keep our subscription.
Max Payne
My brothers and little nephews love carrots, we just placed an order, and after watching the video I know they are going to love it, and we will order it more often. <3
corey galarce
The tomato bisque looked fantastic! #drooling
maxim maxim
The most important aspect for me: it can be done so fast, i really like this aspect 😁😊. If i am being honest, i never tasted this, but i want now.
Novak Novakovic
Very high quality product, we bought groceries from them many times and they were always fresh and delicious! all recommendations
a. s.
To be honest the best vegan meal kit I've ever seen! I'm so excited, I must try! 👍
Fortress of Solitude
Nice, you totally convinced me! This is definitely a meal that I would like to try, after all I have a very strict vegan diet!
paloma garcia
They are super healthy and delicious recipes, also my children will love them, from now on I want my subscription to Purple Carrot, I love it!
Juana Gutierrez
I love this box and everything it includes, my children are happy with the food it contains, it is of the best quality and very tasty and nutritious, easy to cook
maher adami
This is good ! Well, this definitely makes meal planning easy for me ! I'm such a busy person lol
karina Marina
This type of service adapts to my lifestyle, I like to include carrots in my meals and what better way to eat these foods that are really healthy and delicious.
Maria Peña
I always want to give the best to my children, I try different products to give them quality and variety, I am eager to try them, they are super good !!!
Mimi Orbe
I love carrots, I am a vegan for 6 months now. It changes a lot in my health and I am feeling very alert. This menu is looking delicious and really yummy. A must-try.
Ahmed Zilinski
The meals are looking really good , always love to see these reviews. Im going to order some right now!
Thanks for the good content, there are many food delicacies, I have learned a lot in your channel, without a doubt the best vegan food kit I loved it thank you very much
I suppose it is a good option for those who want to have balanced meals with nutrients, thank you very much for the video, I will share it with my husband.
Samuel Torres
To be honest the best vegan meal kit I've ever seen! I'm so excited, I wanna taste all.
I am a vegetarian, but I will definitely give this a try, it looks like they have really tasty meals
Diana Pipek
Great review about Purple Carrot. One of the best vegan meal kit. I like it. I will try to place an order with your coupon discount, thanks!
Manu Badin
Great review, indeed! I think Purple Carrot is a fantastic way to get a variety of vegan and healthy recipes into kids diet. Also, I like that their recipes are ready in 20 or 30 minutes. Ciao!
Paula Amaya
I love vegan food, it is one of the best decisions I have made, I loved the video of the channel, it is a delicious recipe I will put into practice in my kitchen ... it will surely fascinate my children
Claire Fuentabella
I've been so busy these days and thankful that I watched this video. I just placed my order for this purple carrot meal this looks delicious and healthy at the same time and I hope my kids will like this. But I'm confident that they will like it.
daniel rojo
this really is a good vegan food kit! In addition to being nutritious and healthy, it is delicious, my kids found it fabulous.
Maribel Steuber
I really live a busy life and I can't find the time to cook for myself so this is a great solution for me👍
Maiguel Moreno
This is definitely one of the best vegan food kits, I have tried them and I find that they are delicious and nutritious
Piero Achique
This review on Purple Carrot really was very interesting from start to finish. I want to eat healthy food and that is why I love the videos on this channel. Thanks for sharing!
Lion Heart
Delicious and healthy food, i love it. Purple Carrot is the best.
Katherin Silva
wonderful information for this review about Purple Carrot, this box is wonderful, it has food that I like and ready to eat, my children will love this food and it will make my life easier
Chloe Mosley
purple carrot like this should be included in the must-have menu for every mom! You'll have no problem getting everyone to gather for dinner with these family-friendly meals
CC Compilation
I recently started to eat vegan food and I am still exploring all kinds of meals to find something that I really like and from which I get enough energy. This purple carrot certainly looks healthy and delicious.
Emily Henriquess
Most of the time I’m busy working and I don’t have time to cook a healthy meal for myself, this seems like a good option! Everything looks delicious
Daniel Agustín
I don't like vegan food but this meal kit looks awesome.I'll give a try to this
Dario Lascano
Omg you make me feel so hungry, i wonder If it tastes as good as it seems, Yummi
yusty gamer
well, certainly, im not vegan but i was looking to taste new food and this made the trick, a good meal i have to say
Alexis Mendoza Zambrano
I love this Purple Carrot review. I am a fan of healthy plant-based meals. They are very healthy and I think we should all watch videos that illustrate that type of diet so well.
Eastern Chronicle
My 5 years baby loves carrots very much...i will try this...thanks for sharing.
Esteban Reyes
excellent food kit. I'm hungry
sofia lopez
this really is an excellent option. my nephews eat little as they don't like some food but it looks really good and I'm sure they will love it. I'm very happy.
What is
I wonder if you ship worldwide !! I really appreciate if you do, great review.
Van DJ
They have different plans, no need to shop anywhere again! And the products seems very yummy, just by seeing it make my mouth watering
Very detailed and well explained, Purple Carrot is a fantastic way to get a variety of vegan recipes into your diet.
Franck Vill
It is interesting that more and more the services of this type of food are more complete with options dinner and lunch options as wel and that meat substitutes are contemplated, since other services that I know it doesn't and I also like that you say that the box is recyclable. I like the approach it takes because as you mentioned it can be requested by a person who only wants to improve their diet or also by those who are vegan. I think I'll take advantage of that discount on the first order to try, at least in the video it looks delicious!!
oriana ramirez
It is a very healthy way of eating, this type of diet is necessary for the world we live in, everything is processed, and it damages our health. As Purple Carrot suggests, it allows us to have breakfast, lunch and dinner based on plants that are very good for our body, great contribution.
David Martinez Villegas
What a good Kit, I am not a lover of vegan food but my wife loves it, I suppose it is a good option for those who want to have balanced meals with nutrients, thank you very much for the video, I will share it with my wife.