Bristow & Sutor Debt Collectors | Do Not Pay Bristow and Sutor Debt Collectors Until You Get Advice

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Bristow & Sutor Debt Collectors | Do Not Pay Bristow and Sutor Debt Collectors Until You Get Advice

Bristow and Sutor may also contact you in order to collect any benefits that you have been overpaid. If for whatever reason your local council has paid you too much benefit, they should write to you explaining why they overpaid and how much you will have to pay back. You can make an appeal if you think that you have not been overpaid, otherwise you will need to make arrangements to repay it.

If you do not pay, the council can apply for a County Court Judgment, the cost of which you will also be responsible for paying. The council will appoint Bristow and Sutor Enforcement Agents to collect the money on their behalf, following the stages described above. However, there may be some differences, so if in doubt you should contact Council Tax Advisors.

If it is proven that you owe the money, then the simplest path to take is to simply repay the debt. If you can’t afford to repay it there and then, or you think that making future payments could have an impact on your financial future, then try speaking to Bristow And Sutor to see if you arrange a reduced repayment plan.

Bristow and Sutor are generally not allowed to force entry into your home to collect unpaid council tax and other monies owed to local authorities. The only time a bailiff can force entry into your home is as a last resort on rare occasions if they are collecting debts such as:

Unpaid criminal fines
Income Tax
Stamp Duty.

Even in these cases, they will send a warning letter before their planned visit. Enforcement agents can only use reasonable force to enter your home, which generally means using the services of a locksmith. If your debt relates to council tax, then bailiffs can not force entry. They also can not push past anyone who opens the door to them. We recommend that you do not let enforcement agents into your home at any time. Call us, and we will connect you with free information to improve your financial problems.

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